Plans for winter holidays

27 sty

Imm gonna spend it in Tatra mountains. And you? Whays better place than Polish view, countryside and
eating Polish oscypek.
Let me know about yr plans.

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  1. zss14

    28 stycznia 2016 o 15:23

    This subject is repeated from year to year. hey teacher INVENT A NEW TOPIC !!!! Please.
    If we will stop reading it.

  2. ~zonk

    23 kwietnia 2017 o 21:39

    In winter prefer my family go for Grece.
    There is warm wether.
    Here is not nice.

  3. ~franek

    23 kwietnia 2017 o 21:42

    winter hold is gone.
    gone just like train.
    plans were good but time … too short
    there is always next year


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