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27 maj

350SD 1991


Mercedes-Benz introduced the W126 four-door S-Class luxury car in September, 1979 to replace the W116. The new W126 series was unveiled at the international motor show (IAA) in Frankfurt Germany. There were seven models in the new line up the 280SE/SEL, 380SE/SEL, 500SE/SEL and the 300SD.

The S-Class W116 was the best selling luxury sedan of its time and the new W126 was designed to keep Mercedes-Benz in that position for years to come.

In 1981 the 500SEC coupe version was added.


Features and Options

Four-speed automatic transmissions with a topographical sensor to monitor the vehicle and gas pedal position. The transmission was the first to reduce acceleration on a downhill and maintain position without the use of brake pedal after coming to a complete stop on a steep incline. The transmission also featured a limp mode in case of electronic failure.  The transmission was designed to start in second gear for a smoother launch and could be switched on and off in European and North American models with a S/W switch to allow for a more performance orientated response when needed.indeks

Anti-lock braking system, ABS (introduced in the W116) was optional until 1986 in all models except the 500SEL and 500 SEC which came with ABS as standard equipment .

Self-leveling hydro pneumatic suspension (from the 6.9 W116) . There were two versions offered:  rear only hydraulic suspension using two nitrogen ballasts to automatically level the car, and a four-wheel hydraulic leveling system. The coupés were only available with the rear-leveling system. In the US, rear-leveling was standard on the 560 SEC and 560 SEL and optional on the 500 SEC and SEL.



In September 1985, the factory introduced two completely new six-cylinder SOHC engines, M103 (already used in the W124 series), replaced the 2.8-litre DOHC M110 engines. The carbureted version was replaced by a 2.6-litre fuel injection engine, while the 3.0-litre version replaced the fuel injected M110. Also new was a 4.2-litre V8 engine, designed to replace the 3.8 liter version used in the W126 sedans, coupés, and the SL-Class.imagesThe 5.0-litre engine was modified to receive electronic ignition and electronic-mechanical fuel injection in form of the Bosch KE-jetronic system. Performance was increased to 245 hp (183 kW). An ECE version of the 5.0-litre M117 V8 engine was also available from September 1987 with a power output of 265 hp (198 kW)

The largest new engine was the 5.6-litre V8 that was a further development from the 5 liter version. An increased stroke meant it could turn out a hefty 272 hp (203 kW). There was a higher compression version available, if required, that produced 300 hp (220 kW). This version was only available without catalytic converter. But even without the catalytic converter this ECE version, as it was known, would meet the emission requirements of the European community.


Made By H.G and B.K from class IIIc

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