Archiwum - Lipiec, 2013


27 lip

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush   A dog is a man’s best friend   A fish out of water

A fish rots from the head down        A fly in the ointment       A leopard cannot change its spots

A little bird told me   A nest of vipers    A pig in a poke     Ared rag to a bull   A wolf in sheep’s clothing

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle   Act the giddy goat   An albatross around one’s neck

As bald as a coot  As busy as a bee    As cute as a bug’s ear    As fine as frog’s hair

As fit as a butcher’s dog   As happy as a clam    As mad as a hatter    As mad as a March hare

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How is yr holiday?

15 lip

Hello whoever / wherever!
Drop a line – if you have some free time – about your holiday’s wherebouts. (No matter what grammatical tenses you use, it doesn’t matter at all). What counts is your creativity and willingness to share some thoughts with the rest of the reading world.
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