Archiwum - Lipiec, 2010

New President – R U Happy ?

06 lip

We have had a new president for 2 days. Are you happy about this person?

Did you take part in the election? Who did you vote for?

It would be interesting to know your opinions. You’re the future of this country.

Please be so kind and drop a line or two with your comments.

Thx / Teacher

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Beatles quiz

06 lip

1 Was this group a trio, quartet or quintet?
2 Who was the bass player?
3 Who didn’t play any  instrument?
4 Who was born in Liverpool?
5 In which German city their international career started?

6 How many number 1 hits did they have?
7 Who was the lead singer ?
8 Which ‘beatle’ was interested in Indian music?

9 Which of them sang  the famous ” Yellow Submarine” ?
10 Where was John Lennon living in 1980?
11 How did he die and when? 12 How many of them are still alive?    13 What are the titles of 3 films they made? 14 Can you name 3 famous George Harrison’s compositions ?             15 What songs composed Ringo Starr ?

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