Archiwum - Marzec, 2010

Old Famous Cars

19 mar

 One of the oldest famous car is Mustang Boss.
These type of mustang has V8 engine that generate a power of about 450 hp.
These model was was produced only in limited edition and only for rich people.

These is the foto showing tese characteristic model:

Which oldstyle cars do you prefer?

Mini Quiz:

a) Prodcers of Tokio Drift used in these film … … what??  (name of the Car)
b) In the film Kill Bill what car is used in chase section?
c) In the film Vanishing Point (Znikający Punkt) hero drives ……. ?
d) In the Polish film 07 Zgłoś Sie porucznik Borewicz drives ……… ?

Write your answers in the comment section.

Was made by Rafał.B and Bartek Janiszyn 3CT

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My favorite sport – F1

12 mar

My hobby is Formula one.I’m interested in thys sport for five years. I want write something but
dont know what. Not abut Kubica. Malysz better. Kubica pzrereklamowany. Thats my opinion, you have other – tell me now. 

The rules are strange. I dont know rules. Maybe somebody explain. Help!

Many people watch beacose they want to see car crash. Thats true !

Polish Kubica maybe is good, but ‚przereklamowamy’. Hes not best !
And when they drive 15, or 25 ‚okrążeń’ its very boring this sport.

What do you think about this sport? Do you think this photo is shoking?


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Capoeira- fighting style

11 mar

This is my new hobby. In Poland not very popular, but in Szczecin
this is club KSCS (you can find information on the net).
Here are rules :
Capoeira is an Afro-Brasilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. It was created in Brazil by slaves brought from Africa, especially from present day Angola, sometime after the sixteenth century.
The Roda (reading Ho-Da ) or „Roda de Capoeira” is the circle of people within which capoeira is played. Its circular shape is maintained to keep focus on the players and musicians and retain the energy created by the capoeira game.


Capoeira primarily attacks with kicks, sweeps, takedown, and head strikers. Some schools teach punches and hand strikers, but they are not as common.

Authors: Mateusz Kowalski and Łukasz Goździk 2CT

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10 mar

History now. Okay first, if you want ride this motor you are manic. Second, this motor bike is extremely expensive. Third, history facts: In 1901, William S. Harley, age 21, drew up plans for a small engine with a displacement of 7.07 cubic inches (116 cc) and four-inch (102 mm) flywheels. The engine was designed for use in a regular pedal-bicycle frame. Over the next two years Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson labored on their motor-bicycle using the northside Milwaukee machine shop at the home of their friend, Henry Melk. It was finished in 1903.

This is the first work shop of Harley-Davidson !!!
Here constructor brothers started production.

This is famouse logo, evry motor-maniac mu st remember it.
Author: Jakub Wilkos kl. I ,,aT,,

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Interesting places in Szczecin

09 mar

in our city is a lot of intresting places, for example Pionier cinema. This is THE OLDEST cinema in the WORLD. Is situated in the center of city. First movie was played in 1909. You see here Guinness World Records – CERTIFICATE
It started opened as the Helios on the 26 September 1909 in Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland) and is still in operation today:
this is orginal certificate. 

 kino szczecin                               
Next interesting place in my city is old German bunker. Itys sytuated under station. It in was build in year 40-41 for protection german people. Tourists can visit in every wednsday, ticket cost 4 zl for students, and 8 zl for every other.

After this my proposition for interesting place are Wały Chrobrego. They were builded by German people in 1850. Now in this place is Museum of sea, Teather Współczesny and city Council.

Number 3 interestin place in my opinion is:three shipyards (Stocznia Remontowa Gryfia, Stocznia Pomerania, Stocznia Szczecińska), of which one is the biggest in Poland (Stocznia Szczecińska, which five years ago went bankrupt and was reinstated).  It is served by Szczecin-Goleniów „Solidarność” Airport and by the Port of Szczecin, third biggest port of Poland. It is also home to several major companies. Among them is the major food producer Drobimex, Polish Steamship Company, producer of construction materials Komfort, Bosman brewery and Cefarm drug factory.
AUTHORS: 3CT Obst Michał, Charęza Michał, Kurkowski Szymon

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