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29 sty

W nawiązaniu do ostatnio pzrerobionego rozdziału proszę zrobić następującą pracę domową: KRÓTKI OPIS SŁAWNEJ BUDOWLI. Może być to obiekt w Szczcinie, w Polsce czy na świecie. Proszę uwzględnić takie elementy jak:
* when it was built / who built it
* what’s the name of this building
* how high it is
* how old it is
* where it is situated
* what is inside
* can you recommend it to tourists?
   etc, etc, etc …

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  1. nr17

    3 lutego 2010 o 23:15

    Famous bilding is Piramid. In Egyp. Name is: Tutenhamo’s Pyramid. Inside is pharaoh’s mummy. Size is 1 km square. Tourist visit it. That all.

  2. nr 9

    5 lutego 2010 o 12:52

    Great Wall of China. Not a building but famous object. Its
    the only structure from Earth that astronauts can see from cosmos. What is inside? Probly nothing or maybe museum. How long it is? Look into Wikipedia and you will know :))

  3. PolakMały

    15 lutego 2010 o 13:39

    For me famus bilding is Helios cinema. Inside is of corse cineema but also bowling center and shops. In last year they put Netto there.

  4. R93

    24 lutego 2010 o 13:51

    Eifel Tower
    Known object of architectonic paris most, identified as also symbol of france. There is highest building in paris and that for height in france fifth.

  5. Jarek

    24 lutego 2010 o 13:53

    Burdż Chalifa
    Structure, started 21 september 2004, august has ended 16 2009 year. Height of building totals (take away; amount to) 828 meters [ 3 ] and it has been achieved 17 january 2009 year [ 4 ]. Building owns 169 utilitarian storeys. All-out number of storey totals (take away; amount to) 206. Official opening of building has followed (has stepped) 4 january 2010 year, but cost of structure it 1,5 billion of dollar [ 5 ].

  6. Harbio4

    24 lutego 2010 o 13:56

    I think the most famous building in the world is Burdż al-Arab. This building is in Dubai and its have 321 m height. Polish travel agent’s offer travel to this building too 20.000 PLN 4 a one day :D

  7. Kilof

    24 lutego 2010 o 13:57

    Pyramid Cheopsa, great pyramid – egyptian pyramid, in (to) cairo finding (be placed) near Gizie, thrown up (shot up; soared) ok. Probably, < credible > according to project 2560 b.c. Hemona, there be part of necropolis memfickiej, according to generally accept by scientific environments of theories, place presenting anciently pharaoh pochówku Cheopsa

  8. Harbio4

    26 lutego 2010 o 20:08

    I would like to do my home work about shops in ZS . Most popular shopping center is ” Galaxy „. There are a lot of boutique , shoe store and many of other types of shops. Second popular shop center is „Fala” I don’t know what is there because i don’t go there xD What more can i say … xD ZS rulezz !!I don’t like shopping << I’m not a woman ;] :D We have a lot of girls in our sql !


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