Archiwum - Styczeń, 2010

Famous building

29 sty

W nawiązaniu do ostatnio pzrerobionego rozdziału proszę zrobić następującą pracę domową: KRÓTKI OPIS SŁAWNEJ BUDOWLI. Może być to obiekt w Szczcinie, w Polsce czy na świecie. Proszę uwzględnić takie elementy jak:
* when it was built / who built it
* what’s the name of this building
* how high it is
* how old it is
* where it is situated
* what is inside
* can you recommend it to tourists?
   etc, etc, etc …

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Led Zeppelin

19 sty

Led Zeppelin was an English rock band formed in 1968 by Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals, harmonica), John Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin), and John Bonham (drLed Zeppelin: Stairway to Heaven: Poster from AllPosters.comums). There are a legendary hard rock group. Their music connection rock, folk and blues, with small, but observable, influence rockbilly, reggae, soul, funk, classic music and  pop. This band sold over 300 millions CDs in the world. Group started play in September 1968, their first name was The New Yardbirds.  This biggest hit is “Stairway To Heaven” (  There are many books wrote about them, for example : Hammer of Gods  It is the best rock band in the world !  People -  what do you think abaut their music? And what is your favorite album??

Bartłomiej Zarzycki 1AT 

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Transport & Living

08 sty
                     We want to ask you how do you travel to School? To our school go people from other cities than Szczecin. For example: Goleniów, Choszczno, Police, Kołbacz and others. We want to see what means of transport do you use to travel to school.

Made by 
  Patryk. K.  &  Bartek. J.  (3ct)

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05 sty

1.Who is the moust  popular actor from “The Fellowship of the Ring”( Lord of the Rings ) ( in your opinion )
a)       Gandalf
b)       Frodo Baggins


2. Who is the lover of Walle ??
a) Electrolux
d) Siemens

3.   Who road  “ Avatar “ ??
a)John Travoltab) Michał Hyła
c) James Cameron
What’s  name of  Jake Sully ( Avatar) lover ??

5. How many kinds have Mr . Incredible ??a) 1b) 2c) 5d) 3


What  kind of monster are in film “ 30 days of night “ ??
a)       Wolfmenb)       Wampiresc)       Zombied)       Predator
 2.       How many is episode of  Star Wars ??
a)       11
b)       9
c)       7
d)       6

8.       What is the name of newest film with James  Bond ??a)Casino Royaleb) Golden Eyec) Qantunum of Solace

8.       Which Polish actress played  a James Bond’s  girlfriend ??a)       Izabela Scorupcob)       Alicja Bachleda – Curuśc)        Izabela Mikod)       Katarzyna Cichopek


8.       From what film is this quote  “ I see darkness           ,I see darkness a)  Dogsb) Harry Potter    c)  Seksmisjad) Ben 10

Authors : Maciej Bruski & Michał Hyła kl Iat (the best)

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