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Interesting places in Szczecin

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Wtat’s intersting in our city so that you can recommend it to tourists or to your family members from other part of Poland coming to visit you? Try to write a few sentences. They may concern buildings, the whole districts of Szczecin like Pogodno, bike routes, nature parks, e.g. Świdwie, historical places, etc, etc.

This is my idea of an exteremely interesting place. The oldest cinema in the world - the Pionier Cinema which opened as the Helios on the 26 September 1909 in Stettin, Germany and is still in operation today. It is situated in Wojska Polskiego street. It has 2 rooms, one modern and one old, looking as if from 1909. You are not sitting in a row of armchairs but around a coffee table with 4 chairs. The clattering projector (with two reels of film) is situated among those table. What a unique sensation!

The link showing photo of PIONIER CINEMA:

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